Early Generation Seed and Seed Quality Control Training

The training programme dedicated to Early Generation Seed production (component 2) continued with a second training session focusing on seed quality control management. The purpose of the training sessions was to enhance the seed production and seed quality control capacities of Seed Farm staff and Seed Research farm staff.

On 22 – 23 February 2018, a total of 25 participants, 12 participants from seed farms (DOA), 8 participants from seed research farms (DAR), 2 participants from seed quality testing lab (Upper Myanmar), 1 participant from a seed quality testing lab (Nay Pyi Taw), 1 participant from WHH and 1 participant from the seed division (Head office) have improved skill in seed production and seed quality control with emphasis on EGS of Sunflower and Pigeon pea crops.

The four-day course programme covered a brief introduction to hybrid seed production and the cultivation practices of sunflowers and pigeon peas, followed by detailed lectures and practical sessions in EGS quality seed production, field inspection, pests and diseases management, soil management and post-harvest seed operations.

Participants deepened their knowledge and expertise on topics such as the importance of open-pollination in seed production, the importance of isolation distance and best planting times. Part of the training session was also dedicated to preserving soil quality. In this regard, participants were exposed to soil management, weed control, rouging, and sustainable harvesting techniques together with field inspection best practices, post-harvest operations as well as seed inspection skills for ensuring seed quality.