First Seed Sector Platform Secretariat Meeting

The Seed Sector Platform Secretariat was developed to organize the bi-annual National Seed Sector Platform Meeting, which had been agreed upon in the Myanmar Seed Sector Roadmap.

The secretariat’s platform was approved by Director General of Department of Agriculture, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Irrigation in October 2017. It involves 2 representatives from the private sector, 3 from the public sector, 3 from development partners and 1 from the Regional Seed Grower Association.

The first seed sector platform secretariat meeting was held on the 13th of February at Director’s office of Seed Division, Yangon. It was chaired by Daw Win Win Myint, the Deputy Director, Seed Division (see photo) and was attended by all of the secretariat members.

The Terms of Reference of Platform Secretariat, as well as the outcomes of Technical Seed Committee, and progress of Myanmar Seed Association were discussed during the meeting, and agenda for National Seed Sector Platform Meeting was also brainstormed.