Coaching in Chick Pea Cultivation Farms

In winter, every farmers are very  busy for chick pea cultivation and other crops. However chick pea is the major cultivated crops in winter of dry zone because it withstand shocks like drought, disease , favor of winter season and create more income than other crops.

On 6 November 2018,  Kyauk Se Towhship Department of Agriculture staffs and WHH team were visited to Dway Hla village for coaching the chick pea cultivation. They visited to Daw Yu Mar’s farms, she is a new seed producer and a member of “ Khi Thit Tang Thu” seed producer group from Dway Hla village, Kyauk Se Township.

She chosen   Chick pea-RS seed (Yezin-8 variety)  for seed production and cultivated six baskets (6 acres) at that day, under the direct supervision of DOA and WHH tam. Under the guidance, she used the cultivating technique of “one feet row spacing and 6 inches plant spacing”. Her husband and she have been successfully cultivated at that day. They expect that yield will be one acre for 20 baskets, altogether 120 baskets of chick-pea (CS-seed). Next cultivation season, they are hoping to distribute their qualified CS seed to other chick pea farmers.