Coaching for Chick Pea (RS) seed cultivation

At 5th November 2018, Nyein Chan Moe (Agronomist, WHH) visited to U Soe Moe Tun’s seed production fields for coaching chick pea cultivation at Allagappa village, Myinmu Township, Sagaing region.

U Soe Moe Tun chosen locally adaptable chick pea variety “Yezin-8” to cultivate his own farms. He used the “Register Seed” for seed production that will generate “Certified Seed” and hoping to distribute other chick pea farmers for the next season. At that day he successfully cultivated 10 acres (10 baskets) by using the sophisticated approach of line sowing, 16 inches row spacing and 6 inches plant spacing under the guidance of WHH’ Agronomist.